The IB Roof Difference

Benefits of Using IB Roof Systems Single-Ply Membrane
  • IB Roof Systems has roofs performing leak free since 1978.
  • IB Roof Systems warranties do not exclude ponding water.
  • PVC makes IB Roof Systems more resistant to contaminants that will collect on flat roofs.
  • Most IB Roof Systems warranties are 100% non- prorated.
  • IB Roof Systems is the only single-ply membrane with a nationwide residential lifetime warranty.
  • IB Roof Systems is the only single-ply membrane with a transferable residential warranty.
  • IB Roof Systems requires no maintenance programs to maintain 100% warranty.
  • IB Roof Systems utilizes hot air welded seams as opposed to chemically activated hot air welded seams. This creates a physical welded seam as opposed to a glued seam.
  • IB Roof Systems membrane is 50/50 top film and base film. This makes the product easy to weld and has a substantial thickness above the scrim.
  • IB Roof Systems membrane has 60% elongation which allows it to flex and expand with the building. (Industry requirement is 15% elongation).
  • IB Roof Systems membranes have been performing from Hawaii to Florida with no membrane failures.
  • IB Roof Systems white membrane reflects most of the UV Rays that strike the roof surface. Heat Gain Comparison illustrates that on an 85-degree day a regular smooth black roof would heat to 172-degrees, while the IB White Membrane only warms to 91-degrees.
  • IB Roof Systems membrane is non-curing, therefore the membrane will remain weldable for its service life.
  • IB Roof Systems has the only single-ply roofing membrane in the industry that is designed after the ASTM chemical containment liner standard. ChemGuard is the only single-ply membrane in the industry that has no exclusions in the warranty for chemical contaminants, fatty acids, etc.
  • IB Roof Systems membrane is UL, FM, ICBO listed.
  • IB Roof Systems membrane is a Class A Fire Rated Product. (It will not support combustion.)
  • IB Roof Systems decking membranes meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved standards.
  • IB supplies all components to comprise a "Roofing System" including but not limited to pre-fabricated vents, flashings, drains, and PVC-Clad weldable metal.
  • IB deals only with a national network of authorized installers and limits the availability of its products to them.

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