As a leading installer of daylighting solutions such as traditional skylights, custom skylights, tubular skylights and sun tunnels, Chandler's Roofing continues to outdistance our competitors in Southern California with innovative designs, quality workmanship and unparalleled manufacturer warranty options. We support our customers through all phases of the design and installation of their dayligting system, including a simple acrylic skylight on a residential project or more complex low-e glass commercial skylight applications. Though we have worked with nearly every major skylight manufacturer in Southern California, we recommend the skylights of Lane-Aire Manufacturing Corporation, as well as the outstanding products manufactured by Elite Tubular Skylights due to their quality, support and warranty.

Low-E Glass

Dome Assembly: high impact acrylic with UV stabilizers, vacuum-formed, seal locked onto aluminum Dome Ring. Engineered to eliminate heat and moisture.

Roof Flashing: seamless one-piece, non-corrosive aluminum. 4" wide base all around to seal securely onto roof. Made pitched, flat (4", 6", 8'' heights) and curb. Can be spray painted to match roof color.

Light Tube: MiroSilver anodized aluminum with 98% reflectivity, rolled and crimped. Made in 24" long sections.

Elbows: made in 30° (for 18" & 21"), 45° (for 10" & 13"), and 90° (for 10" & 13").

Ceiling Kit: all aluminum trim and decorative ring. Decorative ring powder-coated white and interlocks with trim ring for easy cleaning.

Triple Panel Diffuser: vacuum-formed, impact & fire resistant polycarbonate, 2 clear and 1 decorative panels. Diffuser options: Prismatic (Flat or Domed), White & MaxLum.

Elite Tubular Skylights

Enjoy the brilliance of Solar Lighting in any dark room of your home, office or industry.

Our models are designed low profile for better appearance and are manufactured to meet building codes for the home owner's peace of mind.

Our leading company, Southwest Metal Spinning, metal stamps and spins all the aluminum components related to our skylights and attic fans.

It all started in 1996, when another skylight company asked Southwest to manufacture a galvanized steel flashing for their current skylight. However, such material, along with plastic, is incompetent for the foundation of a skylight.

Unfortunately, this company was bought out and pulled out their jobs from Southwest. During this time we decided to take matters into our own hands.

After a few days of judgement and deliberation, Southwest began designing a tooling for a one-piece aluminum flashing, made for both flat and pitched roofs, and with a lower profile design. We also enhanced the appearance for both the trim and decorative rings. From this point in time we at Southwest opted for our own tubular skylight company.

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