Roofing Systems Put to Test in Los Angeles and Orange County


Los Angeles and Orange County expected to be hit with excessive rainfalls this weekend.

At Chandler's Roofing we don't claim to be meteorologists, but we joke about it being our second profession. As a professional roofing contractor in Los Angeles and Orange County, we are always tracking and monitoring weather from multiple sources. We never want to be caught with a roof exposed. From a simple roof repair, to an entire roof replacement, weather matters in our business.

The past few years, residents in Los Angeles and Orange County have been blessed (or cursed depending on how you look at it) with sunny, warm weather and very mild winters. This winter however, has changed all of that and has been putting roofing and solar systems all over Southern California to test. With several rain systems already under our belt this winter, this weekend is expected to bring more substantial downpours onto residents homes and commercial buildings.

"We're expecting very high rainfall totals for Southern California and looking at excessive rainfall totals for the LA Basin (2” – 5” depending on location) in the next 3-4 days (with the heaviest rates occurring overnight Friday into Saturday)," states MetLoop Director of Weather Operations, Tom Crenshaw. "This is potentially a big event to focus on in the next 24-48 hours and potentially one of the biggest rainfall events for Los Angeles in a long while."

The QPF image above is produced by Weather Prediction Center (part of NOAA) and frequently over estimates rainfall totals, but even if it drastically over estimates the rainfall totals, Southern California is set for flooding and other impacts with 1”-3” of rain in a relatively short period of time.

So what does that mean for you, your property and your roof? We are expecting another busy weekend of property owners contacting our office for support and emergency repairs and tarps. "It is winters like this that really show the quality of workmanship and materials that were used by previous roofers in Los Angeles," comments Trevor Leeds, President of Chandler's Roofing. "I can't tell you how many hundreds of calls we have fielded this winter with residents and business owners who were completely caught off guard and can no longer reach their previous contractor."

It is strongly advised to be prepared for this weekends events and proactive management can mean the difference between enjoying these rains, and suffering through massive leaks or business interruption. Take the time within the next 24 hours to assess your property in the following ways:

  1. Inspect and clear all roof deck drains and scupper drains. This is especially important if you have a flat roof as a clogged drain can cause massive pooling to build up on your roof, leading to substantial leaks or roof collapse.

  2. Check and clear all rain gutter and downspouts. Ensure that the downspouts are properly draining and any debris is cleared from them.

  3. Remove any and all debris from your roof. Debris, even the tiniest objects, can build up creating damns and pooling on the roof or valleys. As water begins to flow on the roof, debris can also be washed into drains and downspouts causing them to clog and backup.

  4. Inspect your interior and exterior for signs of existing leaks. Often this can look like yellow/brown staining in your paint or drywall.

  5. Have your roofing contractors telephone number at the ready. At Chandler's Roofing we run a 24 hour emergency service line, 310-831-7663, that services Orange County and Los Angeles. Understand that this is a first come, first serve process and it is a costly service. It's dangerous work managing emergency leaks and tarps in the flooding rains and we don't encourage property owners to wait until its pouring to address their issues.

  6. Close skylights if you have an operable skylight.

  7. Get any work you are considering with us or another contractor signed and scheduled asap. These rains bring a flood of clients in need of services and we manage those projects as they come in. We do not move clients ahead of others who are already signed and committed so it is important to get on the calendar now so we can complete you re-roof or repair.

Finally, we encourage all of our clients and property owners in Los Angeles and Orange County to download MetLoop's severe weather app known as Weather Alarm. If you look at the image above, most of the pink dots you see in the image around the Southern California market are Chandler's Roofing customers who are having their properties monitored 24-7 by the MetLoop meteorology team. By downloading their app onto your phone, you receive real-time severe weather alerts in a proactive manner, right in the palm of your hand for both your fixed property and your mobile device. "We talk to our clients all the time about being proactive and managing their properties in a more effective manner," states Leeds. "The Weather Alarm app has been extremely useful for many of our clients, helping them react and prevent what could have been a pretty tragic situation." You can download the Weather Alarm app in both the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

Please be safe, be prepared and on alert this weekend and hopefully with this proactive information your rooftops and properties will be prepared for this onslaught of severe rainfall.

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