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As the President of Chandler's Roofing, I wanted to personally reach out to you and wish you a happy and successful 2014! We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to earn your previous business and I hope we've been able to establish a level of trust with you as a client. I would like to take this time at the beginning of the year to ask you this simple question..."Would you turn a blind eye and allow someone to use a rusty old can to repair your expensive roof?"

I know, seems like a crazy question, but it's common sense...

If you want something to perform, you have to maintain it and maintain it correctly. After all, you wouldn't expect:

  • a smoke alarm to work if you never change the battery

  • your furnace to perform efficiently if you never change the filter

  • your car to run if you never change the oil

Yet, property owners install a new roof and think that's the end of the story. It's not.

Simply put, regular roof maintenance (or roof tune-ups as we like to call them) and quality repairs are a responsibility of property ownership. If you don't do it, you're putting your property at risk of costly damage from leaks, not to mention the risk of your manufacturer's guaranteed coverage being jeopardized.

The good news is, regular preventative maintenance can help you to preserve your roof, while ensuring many years of optimum performance to your property. And we can help, even if it's not a roof we initially installed!

Whether it's your personal residence, commercial property, or home owners association, our highly trained roof maintenance teams will perform the following preventative maintenance services:

  • Clearing of all gutters, scuppers and drains

  • Fascia inspection

  • Thorough roof field inspection

  • Resealing and repainting of all roof penetrations

  • Removal of any debris from rooftop

  • Inspection of AC ducts and curbs

  • Filling of all pitch pans

  • Check for signs of any abnormal deterioration, or leaks

  • Complete any repairs as necessary

Call us today to schedule your yearly roof tune-up before the next big rain of the season comes.


Chandler's Roofing Partner and President - Trevor Leeds

Trevor Leeds


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