25 Keys to a Roofing Companies Success


Recently, we were engaged in a dialogue with a fellow roofing contractor, Bill Hubbell from Houston, Texas on a roofing contractors community page which we follow extensively on Google+. The simple random post of a recent roofing project we completed in San Pedro, California lead to the discussion of what a successful and reputable roofing company looks like.

After winning the Roofing Contractor of the Year Award in 2011, earning GAF’s President’s Club in 2013 and accumulating several other prominent roofing industry accolades over the years, we have been asked quite regularly by other roofing contractors, roofing manufactures and even other construction trades what has led to our success over the years as a roofing company in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. To be very truthful, we don’t have all the answers and there has been much trial and error to get where we are today. However, there are several guiding principles that have turned Chandler’s Roofing into Southern California’s leading roofing company, helping us to stand out from other roofers in the bunch.

We have no problem sharing them with you and hope that this sheds some light on who we are as a roofing company, while providing some of our fellow roofing contractors some pointers which can help lead to a better, more professional industry. If you have any questions or comments about any of these, we’d love to hear them!

Chandler's Roofing's 25 keys to a roofing companies success:

1) Hire right at every level while keeping your employees engaged and focused on the success of your business

2) Never stop training on safety, workmanship and professional selling

3) Never get too big that you forget about the little roofing project, or lose control of your quality

4) Know your role as a roofing company, have a plan and find your sweetspot in the market

5) Stay current, relevant and fresh in roofing industry best practices

6) Know the roofing manufacturers specifications and warranties better than the manufacturers reps themselves

6) Find a few key roofing industry partners in business and work with them to leverage upward for success

7) Always be selling and never stop marketing your company

8) Utilize any and all free marketing tools that are out there and don't be afraid to try the things that others in the roofing industry aren't doing

9) Keep your eye on what best practices are working in other industries and attempt to apply them in your field or market

10) Sell at the very top always, do not cut corners and offer to your customer the things that others are not

11) Become a roofing company, not a roofer

12) Diversify your business model, whether it’s solar, rain gutters, skylights, insulation, siding, sheet metal, etc. while staying true to your core business of roofing

13) Remember that quality roofing always outweighs the quantity of roofs you install in the long run

14) Do not forget your past clients and utilize them in any way possible (legally and ethically of course) for future roofing sales

15) Know your market, know the trends in the roofing industry and be more informed than any of your competition

16) Show up, when others don't

17) Be professional at all times, ethical when others aren't, honest foremost and true to your companies message and plan and remember what Aristotle once said...

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit!"

18) Be a master at a few key roofing applications, rather than mediocre at most

19) Do not be afraid to let an employee go if they are not supporting the overall mission of your roofing company

20) Do not be afraid to walk away from a roofing project if it doesn't feel right, or the customer is only concerned with getting the cheapest deal

21) Be fearless and bold, yet grounded and steady

22) Prepare your roofing company in advance to move in the market when others can't or are unwilling

23) Document, document, document to cover yourself legally and put everything you can with your customers, your partners and your employees in writing

24) Remember that your roofing business is a living and breathing organism. The path ahead will twist and turn and the applications and technology in the roofing industry today will be different 10, 20 and even 30 years from now. You must adapt and be willing to change

25) Last but not least, as an owner or manager you must always lead by example first and foremost

This post is written by Trevor Leeds - President of Chandler's Roofing

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