CARE - The Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence

CARE is a not-for-profit roofing educational organization founded in 1999 by GAF Materials Corporation, Building Materials Corporation of America and sponsored by The INDY Racing League®.

CARE offers professional, non-biased educational programs to the roofing industry. Over 125,000 professionals in the USA, Canada & Mexico have attended CARE courses.

Chandler’s Roofing is committed to CARE because roofing is a problematic industry and we want to make it better...

  • Roofing is consistently a top complaint category to the Better Business Bureau.
  • Architects estimate that 50-75% of their litigation comes from roofing.
  • Thousands of dollars are wasted in roofing annually.
  • In an NRCA study, "Roofer" was listed #248 out of 250 desirable occupations.
  • There is limited training available for roofing professionals

CARE offers our staff:

1) Unbiased Content
  • CARE is not biased toward any single roofing technology
  • All roof systems have strengths and weaknesses which CARE points out
  • Courses for our staff focus on the information needed to make the right choice for individual owners, buildings and budgets
2) Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • CARE courses educate our staff on how to avoid the most common mistakes made in roofing and roofing systems
3) Not just “What” but “Why
  • Traditional training follows a “Do This” approach - never telling the students “Why” a certain way is better than another
  • CARE courses always use the “What and Why” method of education, helping our staff deliver to our customers superior results and a complete understanding of the proper roofing system for their needs

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